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Dermatology Services for Pets

Depending on their breed, age and environment, dogs, cats, and other pets can be susceptible to different types of skin allergies and conditions. It is important to properly diagnose any skin condition they may be suffering from to prevent symptoms from worsening and to ensure they experience as little pain and discomfort as possible.

What are the signs of skin allergies or skin conditions in pets?

The most common and easily identifiable signs of dermatological problems in pets are: dryness, redness, sores, scaling, itching, shedding, hair loss, and ear infections, as well as behaviours such as excessive licking, scratching, or rubbing their face or body on surfaces.

When should I take my pet to the veterinary clinic if I see these symptoms?

If you notice any of the signs above, or if you see a spot or marking on their fur/skin that you are not sure about, please contact our team immediately.

What types of skin conditions can cats/dogs/pets develop?

Dermatological problems are one of the most common reasons why pets are taken to the veterinary clinic. In dogs, the most common skin conditions are rashes, hair loss, sores, dandruff, dry skin and lumps. In cats, common manifestations of skin problems are feline acne, mange, abscesses and stress-induced hair loss.

What are the causes of skin conditions in pets?

Dermatologic issues in cats and dogs are caused by several factors and can be symptoms of underlying and undiagnosed medical problems. Some of the main causes of skin problems are environmental allergies (i.e., grass/ pollen/ dust mites, etc.), food allergies, yeast infections, ringworm and lupus.

What kinds of treatments are available to address skin issues in pets?

The therapy provided to your dog or cat will be tailored to suit their specific needs and lifestyle. At our clinic, some of the available remedies include topical and oral medications, nutritional support, and supplements. As needed, a referral can be provided to pursue laser therapy, allergy testing and immunotherapy, or a consult with a dermatologist.


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