Rabbit Services

In recent years, smaller pocket pets such as rabbits have become more popular with animal lovers in all places, including our community here in Canmore. Although they are considered “less maintenance” than their feline and canine counterparts, rabbits still require constant care and treatment to maintain their health.

What kind of care do you offer to rabbits?

At Bow River, we offer routine veterinary exams, deworming, parasite prevention and neuter procedures for rabbits. All of these treatments can ensure that your rabbit will live a healthy and comfortable life, as well as one that is protected from parasites and certain diseases. Rabbit hemorrhagic disease, caused by rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus, should be vaccinated against annually after initial boosters. If you have a female rabbit, or your rabbit has dental disease, we would be happy to direct you to an exotic specific veterinary clinic in Calgary.

We also offer house calls for all pets, including rabbits. See here for more information.

How often should I take my rabbit to the vet?

Ideally, rabbits should visit us for a routine examination at least once a year. Older rabbits, such as those who are over 5-years-old, may need more frequent visits. Contact us to learn more about the best treatment plan for your rabbit.

If you have any questions about rabbit nutrition, please call or email us to receive more information.

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