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How to Brush Your Pets’ Teeth

Tooth brushing is best taught early on in a puppy and kitten’s life, but it can also be taught to adult and older animals, with patience, consistency, and lots of rewards!

White dog laying in a field of yellow flowers

Grain-Free Diets: A cause for concern?

The following information is not intended to cause alarm, but to keep our clients informed on current news in the veterinary industry that may concern the health of their pets.

Four puppies sitting in a blue dog bed

Congratulations On Your New Puppy!

A big part of keeping your pup healthy and living a long and healthy life is through proper nutrition, so choosing the best quality food is important. Not sure where to start? Are you looking for more information on puppy nutrition? We’re here to help by answering some common questions!

Small orange cat wearing knitted sweater

Congratulations on Your New Kitten!

Are you welcoming a new kitten into your world and are wondering how to get them on the right track towards a healthy and happy life? In this post, we cover common questions regarding kitten nutrition to help you choose the right diet for your purry one.