Large dog in the grass

Senior Story: The Mysterious Case of Sammy, the Vizsla

Meet Sammy! This sweet and loving 10-year-old Vizsla has been through a roller-coaster of health concerns. Let’s learn about one of the diseases she has been diagnosed with, managed, and how she is doing today as a long-living senior pet!

Hitch Hikers & Uninvited Guests: What You Need to Know About Pet Parasites

Moving into spring with warmer temperatures we begin to think about your pet’s increased parasite risks. This is often an invisible problem where infection isn’t detectable to the naked eye, low infection levels cause subclinical disease and environmental contamination is invisible.

How to Brush Your Pets’ Teeth

Tooth brushing is best taught early on in a puppy and kitten’s life, but it can also be taught to adult and older animals, with patience, consistency, and lots of rewards!

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Grain-Free Diets: A cause for concern?

The following information is not intended to cause alarm, but to keep our clients informed on current news in the veterinary industry that may concern the health of their pets.