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House Calls

It’s not always convenient to take your pet to the veterinarian, and that’s why Bow River Veterinary Centre offers at-home visits for some check-ups and exams for the Bow Valley community. Our house call service is perfect for pets and their owners who prefer to remain at home. Diagnostic abilities for...

Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis, a degenerative joint disease, most commonly develops during the senior years of a pet’s life but can originate in your pet's first years of life. Advancements in veterinary medicine provide a range of management tools to slow progression, correct conditions and manage pain.

Golden retriever walking on a leash on the beach

Behavioural Counselling

Protecting and nurturing the human-animal bond is an important responsibility. Unwanted behaviours can make daily life a struggle and impact this bond. It is important to properly identify these behaviours, so their underlying causes can be pinpointed. Only then can we proceed with the best course of action. At Bow...


Blood tests are routinely performed in veterinary hospitals for various reasons and in different types of pets. Older pets, newborns, those who have been exposed to toxins, those on long-term medications and those undergoing certain surgeries and procedures may all benefit from a blood test.